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Dash 2 Trade Primed For Punch Through $10.5 Million In Presale – The Top Pick For 2023

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Dash 2 Trade is quickly gaining ground to end the presale. The utility token has raised more than $10.4 million and is closing in on the final milestone. If you have been sitting on the sidelines, know that this token has multiple potential upsides. Also, major cryptocurrency exchanges have already agreed to list this crypto after the presale concludes, which means you still have time to make gains that will come due to the listing pump. You can visit to invest in it right now.

Dash 2 Trade is a Token Created for the Traders By Traders

Cryptocurrency trading is different from trading traditional assets. The market fundamentals are different, emotions high, and keeping up with the price action is not that easy. The Bloomberg terminal is one of the many tools that help traders navigate the volatile waters of trading, but its cost is so high that only a few can afford it.

With that in mind, developers of Learn 2 Trade, the world’s leading forex signals with over 70k members, decided to conceive Dash 2 Trade, a tool that makes it easy for ordinary traders to make market-beating returns even during the bear season.

And this crypto winter is something different. If the LUNA tragedy was not enough, the FTX crash has evaporated the trust in the cryptocurrency market. Investors are either dropping out of crypto trading or looking for coins with more utilities – Dash 2 Trade meets the latter requirement.

A Crypto-Powered Subscription Service

Dash 2 Trade makes accessing its tools inclusive by adopting a crypto-powered subscription mode. D2T, its native crypto, is what traders will use to acquire access to the platform. The access has several levels. First, there is a basic tier that pretty much all users can access for free – it is good for trying out the tools before trading. Higher-level tiers give access to advanced trading tools and other utilities, including entry to the exclusive Dash 2 Trade community and support from the Dash 2 Trade professionals.

Dash 2 trade’s crypt-powered subscription service helps sustain Dash 2 Trade’s tokenomics. The demand for more Dash 2 Trade tokens to access the platform will drive the Dash 2 Trade price high. As a result, Dash 2 Trade doesn’t have any crypto taxes – it has complete faith that its platform is good enough to generate its own wealth.

Tools Designed to Give Ordinary Traders a Leg Up in the Cryptocurrency Market

Dash 2 Trade features a host of tools that trader needs to predict the price movements of cryptocurrencies. These utilities are as follows:

Social Sentiment Analytics Tool

The cryptocurrency price movements hinge on the community’s sentiments. While coin developers have tried to come up with more utilities to decouple emotional decisions from logic, the truth is crypto assets can perform as badly or as well as the community’s perception of them.

Therefore, Dash 2 Trade employs social analytic tools that help traders gauge the market sentiments and predict a crypto asset’s price movements.

Strategy Builder and Backtesting

Strategy builder allows users to create trading strategies and test them under mirrored market conditions before using them in the real market. Dash 2 Trade offers multiple tools by which these trading strategies can be refined further for better returns when implemented in real market conditions.

Bespoke Presale Testing

The presale testing dashboard is the first-of-its-kind utility where Dash 2 Trade professionals leverage their investigative expertise to check the quality of the presale on the market. Every presale is assessed on several metrics, including the history of the team, developers’ previous projects, tokenomics, whether most of the tokens are assigned to the team members, and the long-term potential of the presale token.

2022 has been the year of multiple presales, and there is no doubt that the next year will be the same. In light of that, having this utility will be helpful to those wanting to become early movers.

Risk Profiling

Every time an investor uses Dash 2 Trade to invest in cryptos, Dash 2 Trade ranks him based on multiple metrics. Based on the information collected, the platform profiles the investor based on their risk-taking habits. Depending on the risks, Dash 2 Trade will also offer trading advice to these traders.

Technical Indicators

Dash 2 Trade also has a slew of standard technical indicators necessary to access the price action of the crypto market. Traders will find everything from Fibonacci Retracement to Moving Averages on this platform.

Dash 2 Trade Raised $10.5 Million

The Dash 2 Trade presale is about to close its doors. The project has raised close to $10.5 million, which leaves it within striking distance of its main target, $13.5 million. However, interested parties must know they don’t have time to waste waiting for the 11th hour because regardless of whether the presale target is reached, Dash 2 Trade will close its presale doors within the next 15 days.

That makes it “now” the perfect time to invest in this cryptocurrency. Experts believe that its upsides will appear next year after Dash 2 Trade makes market-beating returns for all those involved in the project.

Visit to invest in the presale today

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