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Dash 2 Trade Soars Past $9 Million In Presale – Get In Now!

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The Dash 2 Trade presale has rushed to clear the $9 million milestone leading to more than 99% of the tokens sold in stage 3. Upwards of $400k worth of tokens went out in the last 24 hours alone — proving the unique potential of this presale crypto.

The tokens are going out fast, and interested parties might be unable to wait for a few days because many traders are buying this crypto in bulk. The official website shows that only close to 82 million tokens remain that can be sold at any time.

Read on to know why you can’t miss this window to participate in this unique presale with huge potential upsides.

Dash 2 Trade Aiming to Make Crypto Trading More Inclusive

The current bearish conditions have proved that what you read in the news is insufficient. There is a much bigger range of information that you can get from looking at the social aspects of a cryptocurrency — but you can’t access it because the existing analytics tool is too expensive.

Dash 2 Trad aims to fix that. By using the native crypto, D2T, the mode of exchange to access the subscription model, Dash 2 Trade is going to offer ordinary traders access to robust crypto intel and analytics tool to help them before better investors.

The list of tools available at an investor’s disposal is large, consisting of:

Strategy Building and Backtesting

Traders can use the metric available on Dash 2 Trade to create trading strategies and test them under simulated conditions (backtesting) before implementing them on real trades. Dash 2 Trade goes also ranks the quality of strategy and offers a robust analysis of the risks involved.

Social Analytics

Dash 2 Trade uses the social sentiment surrounding a cryptocurrency to predict its price action. Since most tokens follow the crowd’s sentiment on the price chart, this utility is especially important for those who want to hedge against the volatility of the cryptocurrency market.

Bespoke Presale Testing

Dash 2 Trade also offers a bespoke Presale Assessment Tool. It entails manually analyzing of the presale offerings to find their viability for early movers.

The presale dashboard focuses on 12 assessment areas when assessing the presale cryptos, including on-chain activity, repo pulls, team experience, social buzz, contract audit, and business models, to name a few.  Experts have been calling this one-of-a-kind system an alpha-generating machine.

Risk Profiler

Based on the trading records of an investor, Dash 2 trade will profile them and rank them based on their risk tolerance.

There is a vast array of other tools offered by Dash 2 Trade — each more inclusive than before and trying to give ordinary traders the to make market-beating gains.

Dash 2 Trade Ups the Value by Bringing New Talent

Project devs understand that a tool such as Dash 2 Trade requires new insight to allow traders to make the most out of the available tools. In light of that, they introduced a new CTO and community manager.

Ilyes Kooli brings his technical leading capabilities from his time spent on Consensys to further refine the project according to the customer’s needs. Trevor M is a prolific crypto YouTuber who aims to bring more unbiased information to the public by leveraging his skills as a video producer for CoinMarketCap.

The addition of such names can only bring good news to the project Dash 2 Trade aims to redefine trading for all.

CEXs Lining Up to List Dash 2 Trade

The unique attributes of Dash 2 Trade have made it popular among some of the most prolific cryptocurrency exchanges. The project’s devs have recently signed an agreement with LBank and Bitmart for listing D2T after the conclusion of its presale.

This news has already started to build anticipation around this cryptocurrency, and many in the community are saying that D2T might be one of the biggest cryptocurrencies next year.

Another reason behind the crowd’s bullishness about this project is the team, as it shares members with Learn 2 Trade, the world’s leading Forex Trading platform with over 40,000 active traders.

And to top it all off, Dash 2 Trade has changed the look of its website. It has ditched the dark-blue background for the simple and powerful white backdrop, making us believe that the working model of this platform can land at any moment.

Invest in Dash 2 Trade Before the Listing Begin

The fast-paced presale has motivated Dash 2 Trade to end it ahead of time and get the token on the centralized exchanges. That leaves only a little window for those who have waited till now to become early movers.

This token has potential, and a major upside is eminent — which makes it necessary for those wanting to move early to invest in this project right now. Visit to get started.

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Dash 2 Trade – High Potential Presale

Dash 2 Trade
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Dash 2 Trade

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