Sunday, March 26, 2023
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Gold and S&P 500 Might Drop Soon

Gold has pulled from the resistance at the level of 1820, forming an engulfing. Now, the asset’s price has pulled to the middle point of the engulfing. This might signify the upcoming drop. Gold is likely to drop to the level of 1735 next.The Euro is slowly heading down, targeting the level of 1.0350 next to the broken uptrend. Should the Euro manage to approach this area, it might potentially jump and hit the level of 1.0600.American index S&P 500 has pulled from the downtrend. Currently, the asset is testing the supporting level of 3935. The index is also trying to break the local uptrend. It is likely to break this uptrend and drop. So, let’s observe what is going to happen next.



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