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How to Get Rich With Crypto and Make 100x Gains [Video Guide]

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Crypto trader Jacob Bury posted a tutorial on how to invest in crypto presales and make a 100x return on investment (ROI) in the long term. A cryptocurrency presale ICO coins is the opportunity to buy crypto tokens or coins at a much lower price before they are released into circulations. Cryptocurrency has the potential to make you rich, but you must understand how it actually works.

Watch the video above to learn more about how your investment will grow, and subscribe to his YouTube channel for additional ways to get rich with crypto.

How to Get Rich With Cryptocurrency

Jacob’s explained to ensure zero percent losses after you made an investment from crypto presale and does 10x gains, you can remove the original investment or capital, you’ve already made 9x earnings from it that you can put to another crypto presale. Instead of hunting 100x presale, you can try to look for another presale that can do 5x to 10x return and keep what you gain from the project you invested in, it is a way of reducing the risk of losing money, and wait for the future crypto presale and not waiting for 100x figures that is unrealistic.

Stay Away from Scams

A lot of people losing their money in crypto scams like rug pull, fake airdrop, phishing site etc., but also there are many ways to avoid getting scammed. Here are the guides on how to protect yourself from these crypto scams.

Research the Whitepaper

The foundational document of a cryptocurrency project is the whitepaper, make sure it explains the objective it intends to fulfil, the issue it aims to determine, and how it differs from it’s competitors. There are numerous other factors that could lead to the conclusion that the project is a scam, but researching the whitepaper is one of the best way for you to evaluate it for yourself.

Background and Team

The persons behind the project should be easy to verify. Check their Linkedin, website profiles, company profiles, advisors, partnerships etc. Don’t be hesitant to openly question them whether they’re participating in the project, some project that conducted an exit fraud, claimed about good alliances, however after verifying with such partners they denied even knowing the CEO.

Secure Your Wallet

Never share your private key or seed phrase to anyone and enable your multi-factor authenticator in all your wallets and crypto exchanges.

Trust no One

Strangers, or even personalities that approach you privately and asking for cryptocurrency payments or promise you a potential profit.

Do Not Click on Suspicious Links

Double check websites URLs, scammer of ‘phishing scam’ mostly copy the legitimate website and replace numbers and letters that are difficult to notice at first glance.

There are many forms of scams in crypto space or even in other industry, try to understand the concept behind the projects business from whitepapers and website. People must practice vigilance and and take responsibility for their own security.


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