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How to Play and Win: My Neighbor Alice

The virtual island paradise created for all levels of Web3 expertise

My Neighbor Alice is a Web3 game for everyone. Whether you’re a blockchain OG or you’re completely new to the space, this virtual world was created to onboard everyone. With the Alpha Season 2, fans of the game will get a new opportunity to play the game and get a glimpse of what a full launch will look like.


With an ongoing land sale and Alpha Season 2 about to drop, things are very exciting for My Neighbor Alice right now. The project launched originally in January 2021 and has continued to deliver value for fans. They’ve hit roadmap milestones, kept land prices relatively high (compared to other similar games) and retained a committed community.

Trailer for Alpha Season 1

What is My Neighbor Alice?

My Neighbor Alice is a Web3 game where users can own, build on, and monetize their virtual lands. It’s set in a ‘large island complex located in the Lummelunda Archipelago.’ The game is as much about community, as it is about gaming. So be prepared to meet new people and make new friends.

There are two ways to play the game. The first way is a traditional style of narrative adventure for regular gamers who want to pursue a predetermined storyline. The second way is more of an open style, where players can roam, network with each other and collect in-game items.

The game is built on Chromia, which is a Layer-1 blockchain that acts similarly to a Layer-2, in that it’s EVM-compatible so it works with Ethereum and BNB Chain. As such, My Neighbor Alice has been developed with cross-chain playabliity in mind.

How to get started on the game

The game has not launched yet so you won’t be able to play at the moment. It has been through playtest phases where users have been able to check for bugs and get a feel for how My Neighbor Alice will look when it gets its full debut.

For now, you can join in the December 2022 land sale and can begin testing the game when Alpha Season 2 starts on 14 December. Go to the My Neighbor Alice website and follow instructions to get involved.

You’ll need to own 1 Land and move it to the Chromia Chain in order to join Alpha Season 2.

Alpha Season 2 requirements

When the game does fully launch, you’ll need Windows 7 or higher, with a video card that supports 1,024MB of video RAM and storage space of 4GB.

How to play and win My Neighbor Alice

As always with Web3 games, there are multiple ways to both play and win My Neighbor Alice.

One way is by playing the game as a normal game. The upcoming Alpha Season story will follow a boy called Robin from a fishing village on the southern coast of Sweden. Players complete adventures, based on this narrative arc, and often join forces with other gamers to achieve victory together.

The other way is engage in island life:

  • Trade items such as animals, houses and fences. 
  • Apply for other jobs within the game and get paid for your labor.
  • Become an exporter, by finding goods that are cheaper in one place and selling them for more in other places.
  • Grow crops and sell them on the market.
  • Become a trader of exclusive and expensive items.

Fishing tips for all the anglers out there

Areas in Lummelunda Archipelago

Snowflake Island: as the name suggests, this is the cold, frosty area of the game. Players can find mysterious ice sculptures and wonderland landscapes. This is also where you’ll find fairy magic and the opportunity for miracles.

Medieval Plains: these are lands from ancient times. The setting is all crops, low vegetation and stone-built structures. It’s a great place for farming and animal husbandry.

Nature’s Rest: close-packed forest with lush, green plants and trees. The low lights create a moody atmosphere.

Lummestad (The Town): this is the central point of the game, where you’ll find shops, activity and lots of other people. Come here to network, engage in cultural events and find out what’s happening across the game.

Sandy Coast: similar in appearance to the Maldives, this island retreat is all sun, sand and relaxation. If you’re one who likes to chill out and take life slowly, this is the place for you.

Submerged Islands: there are mysteries and treasures beneath the waves of Submerged Islands. But beware, shiny prizes attract pirates. Shipwrecks and chests offer the chance for bounty, but the risk of danger is also present.

What makes the game innovative?


Land is the main feature of My Neighbor Alice. You can own it, build on it, live on it and use it to make friends with people who live nearby. You can buy virtual land from the in-game marketplace and will need ALICE tokens for purchases.


The ALICE token is the game’s native currency. There is a fixed supply and you can get it by purchasing it, earning it as a reward, or through buying and selling items for profit. It’s a mirrored ERC-20 token, which means it’s compatible with Ethereum.

Holding ALICE gives people the power to earn rewards, engage in staking activities and have a say over the governance of the game.


The virtual marketplace is where players can buy and sell the land they own. They can also sell in-game items, such as fences, animals, planets and houses. You can trade land in the marketplace and buy all the things you need to get ready for Alpha Season 2.

What’s on the roadmap for My Neighbor Alice?

The first thing to know is that the Alpha Season 2 begins on 14 December 2022. This will be a chance for users to play the game and test it out to eliminate bugs and issues.

Other things in My Neighbor Alice’s pipeline include:

  • Q4, 2022 – there is a land sale currently ongoing and new land resources will be introduced.
  • 2023 TBD – More land sales and the alpha season will continue. My Neighbor Alice will introduce in-game partnerships and a whole new Beta season.

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