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IBATUSD Price Will Go Higher from Support, Buy!

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Battle Infinity Price Forecast: IBATUSD Price Will Go Higher from Support, Buy! (November 17)
There is a possibility for the IBATUSD pair to experience another bullish reversal price action. The coin price might possibly break out and resume its uptrend soon if buyers should trigger their buying pressure and break up the $0.00.2626 resistance level, the bullish correction pattern may prolong the price to the $0.04000 high trend line. Thus, a clear buy signal.

Key Levels:
Resistance Levels: $0.004500, $0.004600, $0.004700
Support Levels: $0.002430, $0.002330, $0.002230

IBAT (USD) Long-term Trend: Bearish (1H)
The overall sentiment regarding the IBATUSD pair based on the current price on the long-term perspective right now is bearish and traders are going short at the moment. Meanwhile, this trend will soon be invalidated as the price projector signal remains in an uptrend.

The bulls also hindering the market price of Battle Infinity from being smashed by the bears made a ride to the $0.002565 supply mark after which sellers now returned and dropped the coin price down to the $0.002511 support value below the resistance line.

Thus, traders who buy at this trend will also make future gains. Also, an opportunity for the buy traders to buy at a lower price.

Additionally, there is a possibility of a bullish breakout if the bulls should add more efforts to their tension in the market as the daily stochastic signal points in an upward direction, this indicates an uptrend and bullish trend continuation. As a result of this, the next target could be the $0.04000 high trend mark soon in the long-term perspective.

IBAT (USD) Short-term Trend: Bearish (15-Minutes)
The IBATUSD pair is in a bearish market zone in the lower time frame. The price bar can be seen below the moving average lines. This is due to the brief return of the short traders in the market.

Battle Infinity Price Prediction for Today, November 17: IBATUSD Price Will Go Higher from Support, Buy!

After completing the dip-lows from sellers, the bulls caused a rise to the $0.002550 supply value above the two EMAs. The momentum was lost while the bears dropped the price down to a low at the $0.002431 level.

Now, the bulls couldn’t relent, so the current pullback at the $0.002503 resistance value is an indication of the bulls’ return to the market to resume the uptrend.

Furthermore, Battle Infinity’s price will still go up as indicated by the daily stochastic which is pointing upward. We can therefore expect the upcoming bullish pattern trend to reach a high at the $0.04000 supply trend mark soon in its lower time frame.

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