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Oryen Network Potentially Discussing Twitter Integration After Mask Network Deal Canceled

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Since Elon Musk announced to the world that he now owns Twitter, speculation has been rife regarding a potential crypto integration. The MASK Network is one of the crypto projects that feature prominently in many discussions. As a result, interest in the MASK Network has been high, with numerous exchanges launching related products.

What is MASK Network?

MASK Network was designed and built as a decentralized protocol that lets users post encrypted messages on Twitter and Facebook. It is built to be the bridge between social media and the blockchain.

MASK Network has been around since 2019. Users on Twitter often use it to share encrypted messages. In November 2020, it managed to raise $2 million from investors and another $3 million in February 2021. These funds went into expanding the ecosystem. Currently, the MASK Network lets users conduct and fund Gitcoin grant campaigns directly from Twitter. In the future, it will offer users P2P payments and decentralized storage services.

MASK Prices Soar

When Elon Musk bought Twitter, the price of MASK rose 450%. It is one of the few projects to see its price rise beside the ORY tokens of the Oryen Network. Most of the price increase is based on expectations that Musk will integrate Mask into Twitter.

However, that has not happened. To the disappointment of the crypto world, Musk does not seem interested in crypto integration. Thus far, his focus has been on ending Twitter bots and improving the user experience. Due to this massive disappointment, hopes of a deal between MASK and Musk have been dashed.

Oryen Network Could be an Option

While Elon Musk appears to be ignoring crypto and the Mask integration, there is still a chance he could integrate crypto into Twitter. However, instead of using MASK, he could use Oryen Network. There is a good reason why he would consider the Oryen Network.

One of them is improved user integration. Elon Musk has said that his focus is on improving the user experience. Adding Oryen Network and the ORY tokens could help greatly with that. In addition, the Oryen Network offers speed, security, and efficiency.

When users stake their ORY tokens, they do not need to move them to a wallet address controlled by a smart contract. Instead, the tokens remain in their private addresses, where users earn a passive income. Earning potential from staking ORY tokens is huge. Users are given a fixed APY of 90%, the highest fixed APY in the crypto world.

Being fixed is something that most people love about ORY staking. It ensures that calculating how much one stands to make for staking is easy. With Twitter looking to revamp its model and grow its user base, integrating with Oryen Network could help. It would be an exciting and enticing financial incentive that gets people using Twitter again.


Talks for a potential Twitter integration are still in the early phases. However, for a project that has already smashed through numerous misconceptions in the past, the deal should sail through without a hitch. Those who will have bought the ORY tokens early will reap big, as demand from Twitter users will cause their price to rise uncontrollably.

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