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Web3’s Biggest Consumer: The Consumer

Recapping Mint Season 6, Episode 23

Season 6, Episode 23 of the Mint Podcast with Adam Levy features Gaby Goldberg. She is an investor at TCG Crypto, an early stage consumer crypto fund focusing on web3 scaling, investing in the Passion Economy. Some of these investments include RabbitHole, Archive, and The Hume Collective. She is also a self-proclaimed shitposter.

An intriguing area in crypto is credentialing aka figuring out what identity and reputation looks like online, whether in web2 or web3. Tied to that are interfaces for consumer experiences. For web3 specifically:

“Wallets are the interface for interacting with web3.”

One of the biggest divides between web2 and web3 is getting people to try out web3 products. That usually comes from having a financial incentive to do so (i.e. hoping for an airdrop, token incentives, etc.). Web3 “consumers” can be thought of pieces of infrastructure through their behaviors. For example, on-chain sleuths (detectives) creates a market opportunity for better block explorers. Ultimately, for Gaby, largely boils down to this:

“[What] are the products that help us better share and understand what digital experiences look like?”

To Gaby, in five years, the wallet will be one of the most important pieces of consumer data for individuals and businesses. For businesses, they can now. Through crypto wallets, be able to know their customer’s spending habits, what other communities and brands they are aligned with, etc. 

“This allows people to become ‘collectors’ and creates a sort of acquisition game for businesses, creators, and individuals.”

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